How to Fly a Crow

Yoga arm balances are very fun, yet challenging. It’s always enough room for constant progress. Once you master an arm balance, there’s a whole new level where you can practice, challenge yourself and play, and these things happen alongside your journey towards unmasking your true Self. 

In practicing Yoga arm balances, you do not only develop your body strength and sense of balance, but you also allow the practice of opening up to your vulnerabilities and develop them as strengths, not weaknesses. The pose promotes faith, both in practice and within oneself. These arm balances are also a very creative way to express yourself and allow your thought to manifest in the form of body control physically. 

Level Up The Basics

A Flying Crow is a progression from a Crow Pose. Before jumping into Flying Crow, make sure you have mastered the basic foundation of arm balances, that is a Crow Pose.

Crow Pose/ Bakasana: This basic arm balance is the best way to build the strength that your arms need to support your body weight. It’s also a very efficient pose to help you find your center of gravity. Mastering the Crow Pose opens up the gate to a wide range of arm balances you can learn in no time, by merely familiarizing your body to its point of balance. 

  • How: Begin by sitting in a squat position. Then, plant your hands on the ground shoulder-width apart, allowing your knees to rest on your triceps. Round your back while sucking your belly in. Inhale, and lift your hips while sending your weight forward, as your triceps hold your weight. Keep sending your weight forward while pressing away from the floor until both of your feet are lifted. Work on holding this pose for 30 seconds, then master it by holding the pose for a minute.

Flying Crow: Once you’ve mastered your Crow Pose, learning a Flying Crow won’t take a long time. Though at the beginning you may find that one side is easier to do than the other, practicing this arm balance on both sides is a must to ensure equal strength on both arms. 

  • How: Flow into your Crow Pose. Then slowly shift all your weight to your right arm. An efficient way to broaden your balancing area is to spread your fingers wide. When all your weight is placed on your right, tuck your left leg to your chest and hold the position for three breaths to allow your body to remember the movement. Keep in mind to always push away from the ground. Do the same technique on the other side. Once you get comfortable tucking your leg, extend it back and up in the air and point your toes to make sure your muscles are all engaged. Now you’re a Flying Crow! Stay in this position for five breaths and feel the strength and balance while flying.

Take Your Flying Suit

Arm balances are not easy. They require passion, faith, and consistency. Fitting in some leggings that can keep up with your discipline demands is important. Here’s a pair of high-waisted leggings that you’ll definitely adore for their functionality, durability, and comfort.

LNDR Eight Eight High Waist Leggings. These compression pants’ stretch-knit are uniquely designed to wick moisture, being crafted with antibacterial yarn. Their compression zones are placed in the upper leg and thighs to ensure better flow of blood. These workout leggings are very comfortable Yoga pants for women with their breathable, transparent panels running across the calves and knees. 

Be patient with yourself. You may not get the pose on the first try, but with regular practice nothing is impossible. There is always room for improvement. Absorb the realizations that come your way and make sure to enjoy your learning journey!