How To Be More Creative In Exercise

Exercise can after some time get monotonous and not as exciting as in the start. Often this makes people unmotivated, and they start feeling like they’ve hit their plateau. If you are at this place, it would be of great help to try some different things and approaches to your exercise routine. Since you already have some experience and knowledge, now it is a great time to add a bit more creativity to the practice, to make it more personal and fit to your current body state. It will most likely also break your mental barriers and activate the muscles in the way you possibly never did before. So, jump in your workout clothes and for a start try some of these methods to make your exercises something you look forward to doing again.

Learn From Animals

Human bodies are capable of moving and working in more ways than any other creature on earth. As a result, we are able to copy the movements of animals. Animals have been an inspiration for training for thousands of years, which can be seen in ancient practices such as martial arts and yoga. Kung fu, for example, has many styles created directly from observing and imitation of certain animals. These styles are known to be very successful in real fights, also making the practitioners strong, flexible and skilled in their movements. Yoga, on the other hand, has numerous postures named and influenced by bodies and stances of different creatures. 

You can inspire yourself with those and try to make some exercises yourself. Regardless of your usual practice, this is an excellent way of exploring what your body is capable of doing while also having fun. See how the animals move in nature and try to copy the movement to engage both your body and mind. It can be a bit hard at first since we are used to being told how to move and practice. But it will remind us to play again. Also getting out of our comfort zone this way will help us to open our mind to new ideas even outside of the training room. Animal movements are a great approach to exercise even in modern times since they are known to develop our strength and flexibility in the most natural way.


Music is commonly acting just as a background in exercise and is directly used mostly in dance practice. But you can try to work along with the rhythm in any exercise. It can be used for more flow in yoga, or to control the number and speed of repetitions in strength training. Working along with music is another way to get off your usual workout schedule creating more space for creative and dynamic practice. 

Make Use Of Props

Many training styles, such as dance, Pilates and yoga make use of different props for the practice. You don’t have to use one of the already known ones, take anything you can find around the house to play with. Books, chairs or a broom can all become a useful workout prop. Experiment and see how you can use it. Take this practice outside, too. You can use walls, benches, and ramps in many different ways. If you can’t think of anything to do outside, you can find your inspiration in practices such as parkour, freerunning and street workout.

These are just some of the possible ways you can boost your practice as you develop your creativity. Feel free to explore and do anything that makes you feel happy and fulfilled.