Soothing Yoga Poses for Lower Back Pain

There are a few causes for lower back pain. First, the lack of lower back mobility. Secondly, the lack of lower back strength. The third is the lack of core strength that can cause lower back pain. The back and front of your body relate and greatly affect each other. If you feel lower back pain you can practice certain yoga poses to address these lower back and core issues.

Yoga’s ultimate goal is to unite the mind, body, and spirit. uniquely heals the body while aligning it to something deeper.

Stretching the hamstring muscles (back of the thigh muscles) increases pelvis flexibility, which relieves stress in the back.

Stretching increases blood flow and nutrients to the back and flush out toxins.

Breath deep and consistently while in the posture and transitioning postures to increase circulation. Breathing also moves stagnant energy and improves the mind-body connection. A calm mind will further help relax your back muscles.

1. Standing Forward Fold Pose

A lot of people think that this pose is all about touching your toes, the back rounds. However, it is important to seal off as much space as possible between your upper thighs and your core. This often means bending your knees and fold in as much as possible. This helps your lower back release and provide relief from lower back pain. Then from there, once you achieve this folded position, you can push up through the heels to slowly and safely increase the stretch in the hamstring area.

2. Cat/Cow Pose

This is generally used as a warm-up for the core and lower spine.

  1. From all fours, as you inhale, arch the spine as much as possible to do the cow pose.
  2. Pull the chest forward while pulling the shoulders back.
  3. Push into the ground so you can press the shoulder blades into the back as much as you can.
  4. For the cat pose, round the back as much as possible.
  5. Your shoulder blades will now pull apart.
  6. Push through the hands to get a deep stretch.
  7. You want to let the head drop and tuck the tailbone under.
  8. Continue flowing through these poses 5 to 10 times with an inhale-cow pose and exhale-cat pose.

3. Cobra Pose

This pose is all about lower back strength. You will need to use your core while using your back strength. Think of compressing your core and lifting your chest off the ground without using your chest. Once you have arched up, broaden through the chest keep your knees touching the ground. When you are ready to come down, simply ease down towards the ground. To do the full cobra, press up and lift the whole chest off the ground. Test your back strength by lifting the hands off the ground briefly.

4. Staff Pose

This pose will help build your core strength.

  1. To do this pose sit down on the ground with legs straight out in front of you.
  2. Flex the feet and keep the legs active.
  3. Pretend that you have an imaginary wall behind you and push your core forward rounding the back.
  4. Engage your core as you lift up as tall as possible.
  5. Next, lift arms straight up parallel to each other.
  6. Stay here for 5 to 10 breaths.

This is also good to prevent back pain in the future.

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