Feel and Look Your Best with These Styling Tips

As women, we are constantly put on the spot for the way we look and the way we dress. I personally needed decades of growing to do to become comfortable in my own skin. Usually, small negative comments can make big dents in our self-perception and self-esteem. We then need a long time to overcome what has been said to us and turn it into something positive and beautiful. But knowing our body right from the inside out will make us much more comfortable with it. With the rediscovered confidence, we can aspire to be more successful at what we do.

Dressing up appropriately for your body type will definitely help you feel confident and comfortable. Moreover, you’ll be able to exude that confidence and even pay it forward. We all have our fair share of insecurities that are based on what is the “societal norm.” Don’t let it stop you from being your best self.

There’s no other piece of clothing that can make you feel as good, grounded, comfortable, and sexy than a good pair of workout leggings. They don’t have to be just your workout gear; you can simply dress them up for more delightful occasions too. My all-time favorite must be the Lululemon leggings as they slip on like silk. It’s hard to just lounge at home in them as they also work like compression pants and call your legs out to the fresh air to move that booty a little.

Regardless of your insecurities, find the best fit for your body so that the leggings’ waist doesn’t roll down. Maybe you feel like the cropped pants are looking too short on your long legs, or possibly, you’re scared that your underwear will show while performing a squat. Plus, you want to focus on the work itself rather than the dysfunction of your workout clothes.

The comfort of super high waisted leggings is that they are perfect for days when you think you ate a little too much, or maybe, it’s “that time of the month” and the compression waist hugs your belly in just a little. I also love them during cooler months as they go all the way up, covering my waistline and making me feel cozy and warm.

Compression leggings are moreover great for nicer occasions, and I’d definitely wear them under skirts or dresses for times when I should be a little up dressed. They also offer amazing support even better like your favorite jeans.

I hear you! You might be self-conscious about how your booty will look in tight leggings. Here’s how I see it. High waisted leggings make your booty proportional by framing it nicely. So, I say, give them a try. You can always pair them with a shirt or a skirt that covers your booty. Look for the kind of skirt with small details, like seams or a Hem. They make a big difference, especially when we are looking at solid-color body shapers.

I like to own neutral pieces of clothing that I can pair together in a hundred different ways. I also like to prepare what I’m going to wear the next day, the night before. That gives me one less thing to worry about in the morning. Plus, I have outfit combinations that I know fit me perfectly when my imagination does not wake up by the time I need to run out the door.

Black leggings are definitely the one piece of clothing I cannot live without. They are simple and versatile for when you need to feel comfortable and to look confident. They are my confident go-to boosters. What are yours?