How To Find The Right Yoga Clothing For You

There are so many types and styles of yoga clothes out there that it can be overwhelming trying to decide which one is best. Not every type of yoga clothing works for every single person, so it can be trickier to find exactly what works best for you. Here are a few factors to keep in mind when finding the best yoga clothes for you.

  • First off, always think about your comfort. The clothes you wear while doing yoga should never hinder you. If staying covered up is essential to you, look for longer tops that can remain in place and keep you covered when performing overhead stretches or bending backward.
  • A huge factor in finding the right yoga clothes is to find the right yoga pants. There are a lot of questions that people ask when it comes to finding the best pants. Which is the best yoga pants material is definitely a question that is asked often. There are many different types out there from natural materials like cotton to synthetic materials like spandex. Many consider the best yoga pants material a blend of the two so that you get the best of both worlds. The cotton allows the pants to be softer and avoid piling while the synthetic materials blended in allow for better wicking of moisture, and they are a bit more breathable.
  • Many are also wondering how tight yoga pants should fit. There is no rule for this, and a lot of it depends on the wearer. Some prefer very loose and baggy pants, some like tighter pants that are more like leggings and some prefer a combination of the two, such as loose pants with elastic around the ankle to keep the pants in place. If you are looking to get yourself some leggings, the pants should never be too tight as they may hinder your movements. The general rule of them for leggings is that they feel like a second set of your own skin while not restricting your legs in any way. Not every legging will work for every person since everyone’s body shape is unique. 
  • Finding what works best for you is also going to take trial and error but could also change over time. You may be feeling more than comfortable in a t-shirt and pajama pants, but as you get better and feel stronger, you may want to switch to leggings and sports bra combo. And also take into account how you are feeling on an individual daily basis too. If you are having a bloated day or just not feeling your best, wear whatever makes you comfortable so that you can do your best and succeed in class. 

As more and more options become available, i.e., more fashion-oriented and exercise-oriented, it can sometimes be confusing trying to figure out what is best. Above all else, your comfort is what matters most. That is what makes you do your best during yoga class. A person wearing a $500 designer outfit and a person wearing $20 leggings are capable of doing the same yoga poses as long as they are comfortable.