6 Signs You Need New Yoga Clothes

Buying new yoga clothes can be one of the last items on our to-do lists. We’re all busy people, with families and jobs, and homes to take care of, and to shop for practical clothes like yoga outfits can easily get pushed aside. Unfortunately, doing this for too long can leave you in ugly yoga pants, stained t-shirts, or in clothes that no longer fit properly, which can reduce your motivation or even make you too embarrassed to go to class. Clothes are supposed to make you feel good, and with that in mind, here are six signs that you need new yoga clothes right now. 

1. Your Clothes Smell Bad Out Of Wash

Working out means sweating, and over time, your sweat will sink into the clothes and make them smell bad even once they’ve been washed. If your clothes are old enough that sweat stink is an accepted part of them, it’s time to go shopping. 

2. You’ve Lost Weight, And Your Clothes Are Too Big On You

Yoga clothes need to be reasonably tight, so they don’t end up over your head when you’re upside down. If you’ve lost weight recently, because of all the hard work and smart food choices, then your clothes may no longer be right for your new self. Don’t wait for an embarrassing upside down malfunction to buy new clothes. Celebrate your hard work with an outfit that fits. 

3. The Metal In Our Bra Is Rearranging Your Ribs

It is something that any woman will understand. Once your bra gets older, the fabric separating your skin from the metal underwire gets thinner and the metal rubs – painfully. Add a sideways pose that twists the torso, and you could be in a world of hurt. Buy a new one before it comes to this. 

4. The Hems Have All Fallen Down

The terrible thing about loose threads on your clothing is that they exist to be pulled. It will damage the hemming of your clothes, making them more prolonged and more untidy. Pulled threads may also create holes in your outfit in certain key areas, and during a yoga class might be the worst time to find one of those garment holes. 

5. You Have A Chafe Rash

Whether it’s your sports bra or your shorts that are rubbing against your skin, this is a definite sign that your clothes should be thrown out. Chafing can be painful as it can get infected and is extremely unattractive too. There are a lot of clothing options out there, find one that doesn’t do damage to your skin. 

6. Your Clothes Make You Feel Self-Conscious

If you find yourself at your yoga class, always pulling or tugging and trying to get your clothes to move into a different position, then you need to try a different option. Yoga clothes should be comfortable. They should make you feel good, and if they’re not doing that, then they deserve to be replaced with something that does. 

The clothes you wear to yoga can motivate you, inspire you, or just make you feel good. Unfortunately, they can also make you feel embarrassed, frumpy, or make you avoid your workout. To prevent this, make sure that you budget for yoga clothes regularly, and ensure that you look good while you’re working out.